(1)What is silicone?

Silicone is a polymer between organic and inorganic. It consists mainly of silica, which is chemically stable and non-flammable. Silicone has high thermal stability that can withstand extreme temperatures from -40 ºC to 230 ºC with a heat resistance up to 260 ºC.

Silicone is a highly activated adsorption material, which is an amorphous substance that can vary in consistency from liquid to gel to grease or to elastomer. It is insoluble in water or any solvent that is non-toxic, odorless and chemically stable. Silicone does not react with any substances except strong base and hydrofluoric acid, which demonstrates the irreplaceable benefits comparing to other similar materials: high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, and high mechanical strength, etc. Products made of silicone can be seen in daily necessities, kitchenware, sporting goods, baby products, beauty and health care products, and so on, in our daily life, and Dafeng integrity provides you with the best silicone customization options.

【Silicone Knowledge】
With the advantage of high chemical and thermal stability, silicone products can be heated and baked in a microwave oven without deformation or even releasing toxic substances; it can also be placed in the refrigerator as an ice cube mold. Silicone tableware are also dishwasher safe that will not be eroded by aggressive cleansers. Moreover, due to the non-reactivity and non-sticky characteristics, food made with silicone molds such as desserts, chocolates, and popsicles can be easily squeezed out from the back of the molds. Silicone products with good quality are nearly stain-proof and easy to clean. Using silicone kitchenware to cook in microwave ovens can be convenient and time-saving, which is the must-have products in many modern families.

In addition, since the texture of silicone is similar to human skin that is also non-toxic and odorless, it is also safe for children to use pacifiers made of silicone. Nowadays, a lot women will choose to receive breast augmentation surgery, and the material used for the surgery is silicone. Although silicone is non-toxic, women with breast augmentation still need to avoid breastfeed their children directly. It is recommended that women should consider the effect of future breastfeeding before receiving the breast augmentation surgery.



(2)The features of silicone products

a.Thermal stability
Silicone products have wide temperature tolerance ranging from -40 ºC to 230 ºC with the heat resistance up to 260 ºC that can be used safely while cooking. Silicone has good elasticity and extensibility, which can be used in the oven or refrigerator without damaging. With the advantage of worriless in expansion and rupture caused by excessive temperature differences, silicone has become a new option for baking utensils.

b.Easy to form into a variety of products
Translucent or milky white silicone is easy to color. Being able to present in all kinds of color makes it a wonderful addition in elevating our lives. For example, a lot of cell phone cases are often designed with silicone that has a certain degree of softness as to protect the cell phone.

c.Eco-friendly & non-toxic
Silicone is similar to human skin and is also non-toxic and odorless. It can be used in microwave ovens, dishwasher and so on. Silicone made pacifiers for babies are also safe without worrying about the release of toxins due to damage.

Silicone products are dust-proof, anti-fingerprint, easy to clean, and water-proof.

e.Electric insulativity
Silicone rubber has high resistivity with good resistance to high-voltage corona and arc discharge. It can be found in products such as high-voltage insulators, TV high-voltage caps, electrical components, and so on.

f.Electrical conductivity
By adding in conductive fillers such as carbon black, silicone rubber will possess good electrical conductivity. Products, such as electric heating elements, keyboard conductive contact points, antistatic elements, the shield of high-voltage cables, medical conductive films, and so on, are often made of silicone rubber.

g.Weather resistance
Silicone rubber does not affect by ozone, which can be long time used under ultraviolet and in a variety of climatic conditions without effecting its functional ability. It suits well in various sealing products used outdoors.

h.Thermal conductivity
By adding several thermally conductive fillers, silicone rubber will possess good thermal conductivity. Products, such as heat sink fins, thermally conductive gaskets, copiers, thermally conductive rollers in fax machine, and so on, are often made of silicone rubber.

i.Radiation resistance
Silicone rubber, which contains phenyl, has high radiation resistance that can be made into electrical insulating cables, connectors for nuclear power plants, and so on.


(3)The advantages of food container made of silicone

a.Originally translucent, silicone can be processed into baking utensils in all colors that meet the needs of every household.

b.Silicone bakeware is able to withstand high temperatures without melting since the molecules of silicone are long and tightly intertwined.

c.It can be directly switch from the oven into the refrigerator or the other way round without worrying about impacting its functional ability. The molecules of silicone are highly elastic and dose not expand or contract along with temperature changes.

d.Silicone has high heat resistance that can be used in microwave ovens as other microwave cookware.

e.It is dishwasher safe that can withstand corrosive detergents.

f.Due to the non-reactivity and non-sticky characteristics, desserts made with silicon molds be easily squeezed out from the back of the molds.

g.Being popular in plastic-free kitchen utensils, silicone is extracted from ore that is originally flexible. Unlike adding plasticizers to soften plastics, kitchenware made of silicone is healthier and safer to use.


(4)The advantages of home sealing products made of silicone

The sealing utensils made of silicone have great sealing capability that keep food or other items fresh without producing any harmful substances, which is a completely non-toxic, harmless and eco-friendly product.

b.Temperature adjustability
Silicone sealing utensils has strong adaptability to the environment that are able to maintain in the original state when heated with high temperatures without producing any harmful substances.

Silicone sealing utensils have tensile strength that can withstand strong tensile force without breaking or deforming. Comparing to other rubber materials, silicone has better elasticity that can stretch up to 200% of the original length. As to the physical appearance, silicone has good aging resistance that there will be no changes in the color after long-time using the products.


(5)How can we determine the quality of silicone products?

a.Elasticity and tear strength
Silicone products have good elasticity. While purchasing silicone products, observing the elasticity can help with determining the quality of the products. Silicone products with high tear strength have high elasticity without easily affecting by the environmental disturbance externally. In general, silicone products with poor tear strength are prone to cracks during the tearing process. When subjecting to force, the cracks will expand rapidly resulting in damage of the products.

b.Wear resistance
The surface of silicone products in great quality can rarely be damaged by external friction; on the contrary, the surface of silicone products in poor quality is easy to be damaged. The wear resistance level of the surface of silicone products is important while choosing silicone products.

c.Hardness and tensile stress
Hardness and tensile stress are important indicators of the stiffness of the rubber materials and they both are the forces that are required for the deformation while producing the silicone products.