How to use silicone molds
When the silicone mold is used for the first time, it needs to be cleaned first, which can be washed with water or scalded with boiling water. Before using the silicone mold for the first time, brush a layer of edible oil on the surface of the mold to lubricate and maintain. When the silicone mold is placed in the inner oven, filling the baking pan with water and heating it can make the filling more evenly cooked. It should be noted that the silicone mold cannot be baked without filling and oil, so that the silicone mold is easy to crack. Place the oven not to touch the inner wall of the oven to prevent the mold from being melted by high temperature. Finally, pay attention to whether food-grade silicone is used to ensure food safety.

Silicone customized service
Special customizations can be made according to the needs of customers to meet their needs. We provide customized services in design / proofing / mold opening / processing / manufacturing. According to customer needs, make changes to a standard product, replace standard parts with new parts, or add special functions to a standard product to provide you with a more complete product portfolio.
We can assist customers in developing and manufacturing customized products, from material suggestion and selection, mold design and discussion, product functionality, assistance in design, mold opening, and manufacturing. Various sizes, hardness, shapes, functions, and special needs can meet the different needs of various industries.

The types that can be customized include silicone electronic parts, medical equipment, daily necessities, sports equipment parts, food-grade appliances, customized materials, silicone cake molds, moon cake molds, soap molds, creative ice cube molds, OEM generation Customized production of silicone molds, silicone molds, and food-grade silicone molds. Silicone custom-made molds are recommended. The silicone raw materials have passed environmental certification, safe and non-toxic raw materials, and meet the requirements of the European Union, the United States and other countries to pass the inspection of food-grade silicone raw materials. It is safe and non-toxic. It is a professional silicone factory in Taiwan and a customized silicone mold factory.

Customized size restrictions
In the process of customized silicone rubber processing, different processing and manufacturing technologies will have their product size limitations. In terms of solid-state molding technology, they are divided into:
1. The product size is limited. The thickness of customized silicone products can reach 30-70mm in the processing process. It mainly depends on the shape of the product. If the size is longer and thicker, some parts may cause immaturity. The curing time It will also grow with the thickness, so the general size is recommended to be within 30mm.
The thinnest part of the customized silicone rubber product can be between 0.3-0.5mm. Since the silicone rubber material has a certain stretch during the vulcanization process, if it is too thin, the stretchability will not be good. 0.3mm, and it needs to be determined according to the characteristics of different raw materials and production parameters.
2. Silicone shrinkage, because silicone is an elastomer, there is a certain shrinkage between the mold and the silicone product. Generally, the shrinkage of customized silicone products is between 1.022 and 1.045, so the silicone is generally calculated in the mold processing process. The shrinkage rate of raw materials is calculated, the mold will be larger than the 3D drawing file, the softer the hardness, the greater the shrinkage rate. The shrinkage rate of each raw material is different, even the same batch of materials will have different shrinkage rates. There will be some differences in the finished product made by each hole in multiple holes.
3. Product size, the maximum size of silicone customized products in the molding process depends on the machine. Generally, the size of the machine is between 150 tons and 500 tons, and it can generally reach about 550-650mm. Our company has the industry The rare 750-ton large-scale machine can process extra-large products.
4. Silicone hardness, the conventional hardness of the raw material of the solid silicone customized product is between 50-70 degrees, and the larger the value, the harder it is. The hardness of the commonly used silicone baking mold is about 60 degrees, and if it is softer, it will drop to 50 degrees or 40 degrees. Silicone hardness can be adjusted as required.
5. Dimensional tolerance of silicone rubber. Since silicone rubber is an elastomer with multiple cavities in one mold, customized silicone rubber products will have certain tolerances, which are generally limited to the standard tolerance of rubber.