Focusing on producing and promoting silicone products, Dafeng Integrity Corporation is a professional silicone factory and company. The product department focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of precision silicone rubber components, die-cutting accessories and the extended products using in the food processing industry, high-tech electronic appliances, auto parts, medical equipment accessories. Our silicone products include the following:

Food processing industry silicone accessories

Silicone products we mainly provide are silicone tubes and silicone pads, which are plasticizer-free products used in most of the food processing industry.

High-tech electronic appliances

The main products are the precision silicone rubber components and modular accessories and components. Dafeng integrity is an important spare parts supplier for various high-tech electronics appliance company.

Bicycle and auto parts

The main products are the necessary parts of bicycles, automobiles and motorcycles. We cooperate with the manufacturers of bicycles, automobiles and motorcycles in developing and producing a variety of precision silicon rubber multi-functional components.

Medical equipment accessories and components

The main products are medical equipment related accessories, such as medical electrode pads, injection needle plugs, emergency breathing bulbs, professional medical silicone tubes, etc., all of which are made of medical grade silicone. We provide high-quality silicone components for medical equipment manufacturers.

1.Silicone raw material processing

2.Food processing industry silicone accessories

3.Medical equipment silicone accessories

4.High-tech electronic appliances silicone accessories

5.Bicycle and auto silicone accessories

6.Silicone buttons; adhesive-backed silicone pads

7.High temperature resistant tape

8.Conductive silicone

9.High temperature resistant silicone plug, silicone sleeve, and silicone membrane

10.Silicone sealing ring and O-ring

11.Silicone adhesive film

12.Epoxy stickers