Dafeng Integrity Corporation is a professional silicone factory and company focusing on the production, promotion and application of silicone products. The production process is certified by the ISO9001 and TS 16949 international quality management systems. Our silicone products have the certifications of ROHS. LFGB, FDA, etc. The production process of Dafeng Integrity silicone factory is shown in the following:


01-Liquid injection molding machine (frontal)


02-Liquid injection molding machine (lateral)


03-Liquid machine room


04-Rubber injection machine


05-Plastic molding equipment


06-Plastic molding equipment


07-Solid state silicone molding machine




09-Silicone printing machine room


10-Silicone tunnel furnace


11-Silicone spray cabinet


12-Silicone rubber mixing machine


13-Silicone processing workshop