1. EPE foam, buffer material, anti-static, anti-static wafer box

2.EVA buffer material, shockproof and anti-collision, foam board, foam

3.All kinds of PP board, tile board, anti-static tile board, conductive board, conductive tile board

4.PP box, conductive, antistatic, antistatic, conductive corrugated box, antistatic corrugated box, wafer packaging (partition), conductive box, turnover box in the wafer factory

Material: The outer box is extruded with POLYPROPYLENE mixed with carbon material; the grid is made of PP corrugated board PP with antistatic or conductive materials, which can be divided into general grade, antistatic grade, and conductive grade.
Uses: Suitable for various technology industries such as: wafers, packaging and testing, communications, motherboards, filters, TFT Panels, semiconductor equipment, conductive boxes, conductive backing boards and other turnover boxes. With electrical conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, no spontaneous combustion, and impact resistance, light weight and high change, suitable for a small amount of various products and mass production, suitable for various industries.
Impedance value
Color: antistatic is pink, conductive is black, general material can be customized
3mm / 5mm / 6mm
(Color/Size/Specification accepted)