As of November 8, the average reference price of silicone DMC market quotations in mainstream areas was 22,800 RMB/ton, which had an increase of 6,800 RMB/ton compared with 16,000 RMB/ton at the end of August, and the increase was over 42.5%.

Insiders of industry analyzed that after the Chinese National Day in October, the organic silicon DMC market began to rise steadily, the downstream demand was stable with a normal procurement, the upstream and downstream transmission support was smooth, and the market was improving. In the second half of October, the single increase of the single plant was about 500 RMB/ton. While entering November, the high trend of organic silicon DMC made the factory reluctant to sell, and the inventory was low, which led to the closure of the stock. The market situation was slightly chaotic, and some stockholders’ high quotations have exceeded 23,000 RMB/ton.

Since entering the third quarter, many raw material products have experienced retaliatory increases, and many raw materials have even doubled their prices and were reluctant to sell them, setting new highs in prices for many years.

Acetone has risen by 89.19%, and the main enterprises entered the maintenance period

In November, the quotation of acetone was 7,000 RMB/ton, which has an increase of 3,300 RMB/ton from the low of 3,700 RMB/ton during the year with an increase of 89.19%. Since September, the mainstream factory Bluestar has entered into maintenance, and the supply of goods has plummeted. LiHuaYi WeiYuan and other companies have adjusted prices several times in a row. Under this circumstance, upstream manufacturers have limited shipments and tightened supply, pushing up the price of acetone, resulting in the continue risen of the acetone market continues in October.