1.Eco-friendly tableware sets

Silicone straw storage bags
Silicone straw storage boxes
Japanese style storage bags
Portable tableware sets
Customized Logo printing  

2.Customized multi-color silicone action figure, key ring

Company mascots
Company action figures
Animation action figures
Silicone action figures
Silicone key rings
Multi-color silicone customized products

3.Customized daily necessities

Silicone foldable cups and lids
Mobile phone accessories and protective cases
Silicone containers and bottles
Coasters, heat-insulated pads and non-slip pads
Silicone bracelets and wristbands
Spectacle spare parts and accessories
Silicone bags
Name tags
Silicone shoes and insoles

4.Customized kitchen necessities

Silicone food containers
Silicone ice molds
Silicone cake/chocolate molds
Silicone kitchen utensils

5.Customized sporting goods

Athletic belts
Swimming accessories and equipment
Swimming silicone caps with various customized logo patterns
Silicone snap bracelet rulers with various customized logo patterns
snap bracelet rulers
Silicone bracelets
Sporting goods
Silicone gloves
Silicone swimming caps

6.Customized baby products

Baby mittens
Pacifiers and feeding bottles
Plates and placemats
Spoons and bowls
Tooth fixers

7.Customized hotel and restaurant silicone products

Silicone coasters
Silicone placemats
Silicone and natural rubber anti-slip mats
Five-star hotel bathroom non-slip and anti-slip mats

8.Silicone coin purses, silicone pencil cases