The exhibition of “Humanitarian Eco-Tech Pavilion” has been developed from scratch to seek environmental protection and carbon reduction. The wires of the 300-square-meter exhibition hall are selected and reused from the Bathing Buddha Festival, and the steel frame structure is outsourced with environmentally friendly recycled wood chip compression boards with the interlocking bricks on the ground laid by volunteers. The space design is divided into an exhibition area, an interactive area and an implementation area. It mainly displays the research and development achievements of Da-Ai Grateful Technology Co., Ltd. and the efforts of Tzu-Chi volunteers around the world dedicated to environmental protection for many years.


All the props and installation art in the exhibition are all from various resources and recyclables in life. Among them, the “environmental protection dragon” made of different sizes of PET bottles and discarded motorcycle seat cushions is very eye-catching; there is an on-site demonstration of the production process of drawn the PET bottles into disaster relief eco-friendly blankets; plastic packaging with ingenious ideas into children’s play, garbage into gold, life recycling, the implementation of environmental protection concepts is clean at the source.


The exhibition appeals to the public to cherish water as gold and continue the environmental protection one-stop process. The eco-friendly textiles made from recycled PET bottles – eco-friendly disaster relief blankets, save 84% of energy in the process. Thanks to technology that starts with love, from the initial plastic reduction to the current zero Plastic, various environmental protection technology products developed by Taiwan have won more than 20 international invention awards for Taiwan.



Information taken from <Press Release: Tzu-Chi Foundation Public Relations Office>


【Land-rock flow experience area】

Shout out “it’s raining” and you will see a landslide.  What will you see if you shout out “open sesame”?


【Half the Earth】

When you pick up a PET bottle, which contaminated area disappears? How many tricks can you imagine with a bottle?


【Eco-friendly Dragon】

Black dragons and white dragons, why don’t you come to our “eco-friendly dragon”. From a bottle to a blanket, we invite you to come and let the blanket travel across the ocean warming the body and mind of the 500,000 victims!


【Water Cube】

Five cubes telling a truth that is not simple or complicated. When you bend over to see the last bottle, if you are lucky, you will see “What do you want to leave to the next generation?” Come and find the answer!


【Jiu-Jiu-Feng, don’t forget the year】

House collapsed because of the earthquake. Did the top of Jiujiu Peak fell instantly? Or was it slowly being peeled off? Waiting for you to come and compare.


【The earth is feverish】

How can we cool the planet? Greenhouse effect and automatic induction bring you in the reality.


【Broad knowledge and willingness to do】

Turn the concept of caring for the earth into data! After watching a video and a somatosensory detection game, you can quiz in the interaction and take away gifts.


【Energy-saving and carbon-reducing cycling】

Guest! Want to ride a bicycle? Wait a minute! This big screen is not for you to slide. It is a somatosensory detection game device, which does not need to touch the screen. Do not misunderstane.


【Carbon footprint breakfast cart】

Order a meal and instantly figure out how much carbon footprint this food creates for you. Wow! The food truck can speak, awesome!


【How much do you know about resource recycling】

This! This! tThis! This is the touch screen! After returning home, if you don’t know how to recycle and sort, you will be sloppy!


【One chopstick saves water】

Is it a “block”? Or a “chopstick”? Did something go wrong? Come, come, interact! Go go go, eco-friendly art is so beautiful.


【Treasure Bottle Earth】

How to reproduce the beauty of the earth? It’s not just you! And me, I have to rely on you all.