During 2011, a food safety scandal, plasticizer, has occurred in Taiwan. With that, the Ministry of Health and Welfare conducted randomized inspections of plastic products such as food storage containers, plastic wraps, and so on. After discovering the fact that plastic products release plasticizers even in room temperature, people started to find alternatives eagerly, which unexpectedly driven the sales of Food grade silicone kitchen utensils. The silicone material is stable and resistant to high and low temperature, which can be heated and baked in a microwave oven without deformation and even, it will not release toxic substances. Take silicone plastic wrap for an example, it was go begging because of its high price. However, with the outbreaking of the plasticizer incident, it was snap up and out of stock. The features of silicone, non-toxic, high temperature-resistant, and the ability to produce in any color, make silicone products not only used in the industrial field, but also widely used in daily necessities, kitchen utensils, sports goods, baby products, beauty and heath care products, and so on.


Plasticizer storm   “Silicone” is not mixed with plastic, kitchenware unexpectedly doubled in popularity!




Article Source:TVBS News