1.Industrial supplies
Silicone buttons, conductive silicone, fingerprint silicone pads, insulation resistance testers, medical electrical films, VR glasses covers, camera rubber covers, photoreceptor rubber covers, MIC rubber covers, sealing rings, O-rings, auto parts, bicycle accessories, silicone double-sided tapes, all kinds of adhesive, protective films, foams, thermal flexible graphite sheets, waterproof card trays, liquid watch straps, two-color injection molding, metal+LSR, PC+LSR.

2.Daily necessities
Silicone foldable cups and lids
Mobile phone accessories and protective cases
Silicone containers and bottles
Coasters, heat-insulated pads and non-slip pads
Silicone bracelets and wristbands
Spectacle spare parts and accessories
Silicone bags
Name tags
Silicone shoes and insoles


3.Kitchen utensils
Silicone food containers
Silicone ice molds
Silicone cake/chocolate molds
Silicone kitchen utensils


4.Sporting goods
Sporting bracelets/watch straps
Swimming accessories and equipment

5.Baby products
Baby mittens
Pacifiers and feeding bottles

6.Beauty and health care products
Beauty products
Massage supplies
Health supplies